At RBC we know that caring about our impact on the environment and society and how we govern our company are essential to generating long-term value for RBC and our stakeholders, and we are constantly looking for ways to improve our performance in all three areas.

Our People

RBC and its subsidiaries employ approximately 3,000 people across 43 facilities in the U.S., Mexico, France, Switzerland, Germany, Poland and China. Since people are our single largest asset, it is imperative to RBC that we attract and retain people who can work in a high-performance culture that fosters innovation and continuous improvement.


Nearly all of our personnel are RBC employees rather than independent contractors, temporaries or third-party labor provider personnel. We do not use any child or forced labor as those are anathema to our corporate culture.

We comply with all labor regulations applicable to our workforce and provide our people with attractive compensation and benefits. Our employee benefits package includes medical, dental and vision coverage, life insurance, supplemental disability coverage, long-term equity incentive plans, a company-match on a portion of employee contributions to our 401(k) plan, and other benefits. As a result, a large portion of our workforce are long-term employees who have been with RBC for 10, 20 or even 30 years.

The advancement of women in our leadership structure is important to RBC as we want to access the broadest possible talent pool for our management personnel. A woman is the senior leader of all our operations in Europe, women head up our human resources and tax functions, and women play prominent roles in all the functional areas of our business including engineering, sales, finance, human resources and legal. Our college recruiting efforts look to take advantage of more and more women choosing engineering as a career path and the number of women who have joined our Mechanical Engineering Training program has been growing over the last several years. This is an important program for RBC as it provides our engineers with a uniform foundation regarding how we do business and is the feeder program for various leadership roles across our organization including plant managers and general managers.


Safety is of paramount importance to RBC and so we go to great lengths in striving for a zero-incident workplace that is consistent with our mandate to produce the highest quality, highly engineered products for our customers. Our general managers and operations managers are charged with creating and maintaining the highest standards of safety for employees, visitors and the local community through the use of industry best practices at their facilities. Monthly each of our facilities reports to senior leadership on key safety metrics and we maintain a proactive approach in assessing and mitigating risk through root cause analysis, communication, training and teamwork.

Our Suppliers

We expect our suppliers (and their suppliers) to operate in a legal and ethical manner in the course of providing products and services to us. Toward that end, we require our suppliers to comply at all times with our Supplier Code of Conduct, which among other things sets out the minimum standards that suppliers must meet regarding their:

  • treatment of workers,
  • workplace safety,
  • environment impact, and
  • ethical business practices.

Our Community

Social-3RBC is a strong supporter of education within the local communities where we do business. RBC has developed internship and trainee programs with, and actively recruits from, over 40 colleges and universities around the country. Additionally, we offer internally-developed “RBC University” and “Materials University” training programs for current employees and a tuition reimbursement program for employees wishing to further their education in their chosen field.

Our numerous facilities frequently engage in local charitable events and activities such as food drives, walkathons and other fund-raising events. In addition to helping our communities, these activities provide our employees with team building experiences that are invaluable to our workforce.



Consistent with our mandate to operate our business in a legal and ethical manner, our personnel, while acting on behalf of RBC, are prohibited from paying money or giving items of value to government officials.

While it is necessary for RBC to use some conflict minerals (e.g., tin, tungsten) in our operations, we take steps to ensure that these minerals are sourced responsibly (see our Conflict Minerals Disclosure and Report).