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RBC Introduces New DuraLube™Self-Lubricating Spherical Plain Bearings
(Fairfield, CT – August 2002) RBC Bearings has introduced new DuraLube™ self-lubricating spherical plain bearings. As a result of grease-free operation, DuraLube™ spherical plain bearings provide longer life in some of the most demanding applications and are suited for light-to-medium loads. Typical applications include: agricultural, material handling, construction, hydraulic cylinders, and off-highway equipment.

Grease-free operation for RBC's DuraLube™ bearings is achieved through the use of a durable PTFE liner system that reduces friction between the spherical surfaces of the inner and outer rings. Less friction equates to longer life for the equipment. With DuraLube™ bearings there is no initial lubrication required, nor during operation. Plus, DuraLube™ bearings do not attract or hold dirt like their grease fed counterparts, resulting in reduced maintenance costs and easier maintenance—especially for those with difficult access after installation.

DuraLube's™ advanced technology ultimately reduces the cost of additional equipment and maintenance, creates fewer complications during operation, provides better overall performance and equipment uptime, and creates exceptional value for the end user.

Over the past 50 years, RBC has invented most of the designs and features of spherical plain bearings in use today. DuraLube™ technology is the newest of RBC's product innovations. RBC has developed unique technology on many other products, including: ImpactTuff®, which reduces breakage in shock load applications, QuadLube®, which delivers lubrication into the load zone of the bearing, and the SpreadLock® seal that keeps lube in and dirt out.

For more information, please contact RBC Bearings, 800.390.3300, www.rbcbearings.com.