Dr. Thomas J. O’Brien


Dr. Thomas J. O’Brien has been a director and Audit Committee member since February, 2006. Dr. O’Brien has served as a professor at the University of Connecticut since 1986 and as the Head of the Finance Department from 1999 until 2007. Prior to this, Dr. O’Brien held positions at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, Duke University, University of North Carolina-Charlotte and Florida State University. In addition to Dr. O’Brien’s distinguished career as a professor, he has also written several books and has co-authored numerous papers and articles covering topics in finance. Dr. O’Brien earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics from Davidson College. He received his MBA from the University of Pennsylvania and holds a PhD in Finance from the University of Florida. When he was elected as a director, Dr. O’Brien had established an impressive academic record in finance, and was Head of the Finance Department at the University of Connecticut. Dr. O’Brien provides the Company with a wealth of valuable academic finance knowledge and executive experience which qualifies him as a "Financial Expert" for the Audit Committee. His continuing association with the University of Connecticut provides the Company and the Audit Committee and the Board with a valuable state of the art finance resource.

Financial Expert